Criterion Project #37: CAT PEOPLE (1942)

Cat People Spine #833 Year: 1942 Director: Jacques Tourneur After last week's article on Tokyo Story, I find myself writing about another film with a minimalist narrative yet rife with thematic material. I'd seen Cat People a couple years ago and, I'll admit, I was left partially underwhelmed. It just didn't have enough for me. … Continue reading Criterion Project #37: CAT PEOPLE (1942)

Criterion Project #35: ENTER THE DRAGON (1973)

Enter the Dragon Spine #N/A Year: 1973 Director: Robert Clouse I believe I've reached the first film I ever saw from the Criterion Collection. Certainly not the first Criterion disc I ever watched, but the earliest film that would eventually be released as part of the catalogue. Yes, even before such childhood stalwarts such as … Continue reading Criterion Project #35: ENTER THE DRAGON (1973)