Criterion Project #24: SAMURAI I – MUSASHI MIYAMOTO (1954)

Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto Spine #14 Year: 1954 Director: Hiroshi Inagaki Whenever you seem lost in this lonely world, or feel your life is heading down the wrong path, I'd recommend sitting down to begin the journey of Takezo, aka the legendary Musashi Miyamoto (ToshirΓ΄ Mifune). This is easily my fourth of fifth time starting … Continue reading Criterion Project #24: SAMURAI I – MUSASHI MIYAMOTO (1954)

Criterion Project #4: LADY SNOWBLOOD (1973)

Even before we enter this world we are marked by karmaLady Snowblood Lady Snowblood Year: 1973 Director: Toshia Fujita Bloody, violent, and beautiful. These terms can be interchangeably applied to both the film and the title character of Toshia Fujita's classic, Lady Snowblood. My first "first watch" of the project and not your typical Criterion … Continue reading Criterion Project #4: LADY SNOWBLOOD (1973)

Criterion Project #1: TOKYO DRIFTER (1966)

Film: Tokyo Drifter Year: 1966 Director: Seijun Suzuki Well this project is kicking off with a literal bang! The lucky winner of the grand randomization is the slick, Japanese New Wave gem, Tokyo Drifter. This was a pleasing experience to kick things off. I remember watching Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter back around the time I … Continue reading Criterion Project #1: TOKYO DRIFTER (1966)

Short Essay: Sound in Film and “The Neighbor’s Wife and Mine”

This will undoubtedly be the least read blog post in the history of the internet, and yet I will write it regardless. The transition of film from a soundless, purely visual medium to a truly visceral experience with the inception of recorded sound is the largest transformation film has made in its 100+ year history. … Continue reading Short Essay: Sound in Film and “The Neighbor’s Wife and Mine”