Criterion Project #18: NIGHTMARE ALLEY (1947)

Nightmare Alley Spine #1078 Year: 1947 Director: Edmund Goulding As previously alluded to, Noirvember is coming to its conclusion so why not feature one last noir classic that, like the prior three entries in this project (Sweet Smell of Success, Detour, and Kiss Me Deadly), I had not seen before. I also figured closing out … Continue reading Criterion Project #18: NIGHTMARE ALLEY (1947)

Criterion Project #16: SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957)

I can say with complete sincerity that I did not plan this order. Two noirs back-to-back in the month of November is a serendipitous coincidence that pleased me. I may just continue the trend and keep the noir train rolling through the month. We shall see... Sweet Smell of Success Year: 1957 Director: Alexander Mackendrick … Continue reading Criterion Project #16: SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957)

Criterion Project #15: KISS ME DEADLY (1955)

Author's note: First off, apologies are in order. This post is coming a week late due to some unforeseen bad luck that reared its ugly head at one of the worst times of my life. In short, I was scheduled for back surgery last week after waiting seven painful months for the insurance company to … Continue reading Criterion Project #15: KISS ME DEADLY (1955)

Criterion Project #14: ERASERHEAD (1977)

Eraserhead Spine# 725 Year: 1977 Director: David Lynch Once again worlds collided. I'm in the home stretch of Halloween viewing for my spooky season project and one of the themes this past week was "Oddballs & Weirdos" which, by any definition, applies to Eraserhead. So I broke my structure, ever so briefly, to kill two … Continue reading Criterion Project #14: ERASERHEAD (1977)

Criterion Project #13: THE BURMESE HARP (1956)

The Burmese Harp Spine# 379 Year: 1956 Director: Kon Ichikawa I've been lucky these past two weeks. Both last week's film (The Night of the Hunter) and this film are among my very favorites of all-time and watching them on back-to-back weeks was a delight. This project was designed to spotlight titles I may have … Continue reading Criterion Project #13: THE BURMESE HARP (1956)

Criterion Project #12: THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955)

The Night of The Hunter Spine# 541 Year: 1955 Director: Charles Laughton and secure from all alaaaaarms. The butter-voiced Robert Mitchum croons this soothing hymn like a wolf in shepherd's visage in Charles Laughton's storied solo directorial effort. A film that I considered amongst my very favorite after just one viewing. And even after … Continue reading Criterion Project #12: THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955)

Criterion Project #11: PICKPOCKET (1959)

Pickpocket Spine# 314 Year: 1959 Director: Robert Bresson Well that was just lovely. I finished watching this film minutes ago and wanted to get some thoughts out right away because, honestly, I don't remember liking Pickpocket the first time through. Granted, it was several years ago when I first watched it, but I was underwhelmed. … Continue reading Criterion Project #11: PICKPOCKET (1959)

Criterion Project #9: UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (1948)

Unfaithfully Yours Spine# 292 Year: 1948 Director: Preston Sturges I have a bold statement to make that needs to be unchained before I can write another word - Unfaithfully Yours just might be the best screenplay ever written. It's a claim I can back-up, but first let's get the plot out of the way: A … Continue reading Criterion Project #9: UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (1948)