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New Trailer: THE REVENANT (2015)

I’m not usually one to post trailers unless I’m really pumped about the movie or I have no material to post. This is definitely the former.

From Birdman director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu we now have a trailer for The Revenant and holy shit does it look amazing. Just from a visual perspective it looks tremendous, and I have a feeling this and The Hateful Eight are going to square off for best winter-y look on film this year. I’m already going to predict at least a Best Cinematography nomination for this one. Mark it down. We’ll probably get a Best Actor nom for Leo and maybe a supporting nom for Tom Hardy as well. I can’t wait for this one, especially since Birdman was my favorite flick from last year.

Without further adieu, here’s the awesomeness:

Podcast #8: 9/15/15 – Rambling About Football, Fantasy Sports, My Health Problems, TIFF Reactions, Trailers for “The Jungle Book”, Krampus” and “Hardcore”, Plus! The Awesome “Hells’ Club” Movie Mash-Up”


I’m all over the place on this week’s podcast, which I found to be a generally a fun episode. I lament my horrible luck in fantasy sports while being jubilant for the return of the NFL season, then I chat about my degenerative hip problem, the Toronto International Film Festival, movie trailers for The Jungle Book, Krampus, and Hardcore, video games and movies, and finally about the “Hell’s Club” movie mash-up YouTube video (Links below!). Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If anyone is actually listening to this pod please let me know somehow. As of right now I assume I’m just talking to myself, so if you listen and enjoy feel free to comment or share the pod on Facebook and/or Twitter, or wherever you kids go to get your kicks these days. Thanks!

Red Band Trailer for DEADPOOL (2016) Comes Online!

Last year we got the test footage that made this movie possible at all, then a few days ago we got the humorous teaser for the actual trailer, and in between we’ve been inundated with stills and such from Ryan Reynolds via his Instagram account. All in all, a lot of promotional material has been shot for this film. I expect we’ll all get Deadpool Christmas cards this year.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. It looks fun as hell. Enjoy. In a NSFW way, of course.

Oh, Glory Days: More Trailers!

It doesn’t get much better than watching advertisements for movies months and months in advance. Because how they are shown in these clips is ALWAYS identical to how they are in their full form.  Good times.

With the Super Bowl all wrapped up, we got to see a slew of new trailers in the last week. Here they are:

Poltergeist (2015)

Magic Mike XXL

Jurassic World

Furious 7

“Fantastic 4”, “Ted 2” Trailers Premier

The trailer world is starting to heat up, people! (There’s a trailer world, right? I don’t know.) With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend we’re going to see a bunch of new trailers. Here’s the two new ones this week:

Exciting stuff.  I do like that they’re not showing too much in the Fantastic 4 trailer, save for one shot of them in uniform.  I really want that one to work since that title was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.  Fox needs that one to work to make their own mark with their Marvel property.

As for Ted 2, what else can be said? It looks like a sequel to a movie about a cursing teddy bear.  There will be more cursing! Considering R rated comedies have been pretty shitty for a while, count me in.  If nothing else, perhaps the success of these movies pushes more studios to make more R rated comedies, which were a major factor in my transition from childhood to adulthood. Explains a lot.