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Podcast Episode #11: 10/6/15 – Telling a Story About a Lost Day of My Life, Football, Briefly discuss READY PLAYER ONE, Horror Flicks, and Rant About a Really Stupid INDIEWIRE Article


Episode #11 here, kids. I was kind of tired for this one but still managed to churn out 35 minutes of premium content. Premium.

Most of the show is taken up by my rant about Melissa Silverstein’s article over at IndieWire about the hiring of male directors for large studio properties. Her article is here. The rest is about my lost day due to a prescription sedative before my hip procedure last week, football, discussion of Ready Player One, and some horror flicks my girlfriend and I have watched in the last week. Enjoy!

Podcast Episode #10: 9/29/15 – Talking Getting Old, My Disgust with the Internet, Reviewing PARANORMAN as well the the Trailer for THE REVENANT, Slasher Flicks, Football, and other nonsense


I’m back on my Tuesday schedule this week as I hit a milestone….EPISODE 10! I couldn’t have done it without you all. You keep me going. Yes, you.

As usual I ramble about nonsense, including the Pope’s visit, internet stupidity, douchebags with water jugs, football, and slasher movies. I also managed to squeeze in some real movie talk as I reviewed Paranorman (written review here) and discussed the trailer for The Revenant (which can be viewed here).


Podcast #9: 9/25/2015 – Talking Football, Discussing HELLRAISER and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON; The Proposed Remakes of THE EXORCIST, TRUE ROMANCE, MAJOR LEAGUE; An Update on My Rickety Hip, Plus lots more….


This pod took place over two days but it actually helped out the content since the Morgan Creek movie sell-off occurred on Thursday after I recorded the first part of the pod. So I get into that in the second half of the show, but first I talk about football a bit, some horror movie nonsense, my views on college student attitudes, especially in reference to my Feminist Philosophy class, a pop music beef that’s not really a beef, and finally an update on my hip situation. It’s two parts but still managed to come in at my usual time. Hope you enjoy!

Note: If you listen to this show I’d appreciate a comment on the site or on iTunes. Plus you can find this podcast on Soundcloud.

Podcast #8: 9/15/15 – Rambling About Football, Fantasy Sports, My Health Problems, TIFF Reactions, Trailers for “The Jungle Book”, Krampus” and “Hardcore”, Plus! The Awesome “Hells’ Club” Movie Mash-Up”


I’m all over the place on this week’s podcast, which I found to be a generally a fun episode. I lament my horrible luck in fantasy sports while being jubilant for the return of the NFL season, then I chat about my degenerative hip problem, the Toronto International Film Festival, movie trailers for The Jungle Book, Krampus, and Hardcore, video games and movies, and finally about the “Hell’s Club” movie mash-up YouTube video (Links below!). Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If anyone is actually listening to this pod please let me know somehow. As of right now I assume I’m just talking to myself, so if you listen and enjoy feel free to comment or share the pod on Facebook and/or Twitter, or wherever you kids go to get your kicks these days. Thanks!

NEW PODCAST! Episode #7 – Talking Wes Craven, Horror Movies and My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies to Watch During the Halloween Season


It’s only been 5 months since I recorded one of these….but, I’m back! Not talking news or doing any movie reviews, so consider this a special pod. Today I talk about the passing of horror icon Wes Craven as well as the upcoming Halloween season, so I include my top 10 favorite horror movies to watch during the season. I ramble and stutter quite a bit but this is generally a fun subject, so bear with me. Hope you enjoy!

Podcast: 4/16/15 Episode #6 – Talking Early AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Reactions, WONDER WOMAN, Plus Two Movie Reviews


Note #1: This episode was recorded on Tuesday, April 14th so I’m behind on the Wonder Woman director carousel news. To update, Patty Jenkins has replaced Michelle MacLaren.

Not a whole lot of movie news took place in the last week so I had to pick and choose a couple things to talk about today. Regardless, I chat about the early screenings on Avengers: Age of Ultron and what we might be in-store for based on the reactions, followed by some Wonder Woman talk to wrap up the superhero news. Then I get into an article on IndieWire that dissects the economic trajectory of It Follows and other independent films in relation to theatrical and VOD service windows. That article can be found here. Finally, I wrap up with a couple reviews, including a lengthy one about Jean-Luc Godard’s 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (which I wrote about here), and a quick one about Disney’s Big Hero 6, and tacked onto the end is, of course, this week’s DVD releases and box-office chatter. Enjoy!

Note #2: I apologize about the low volume of the podcast, my mic volume was set a little lower than usual for some reason. This will be rectified next episode.

Podcast: 4/7/2015 Episode #5 – Catching Up, Reviewing Two Movies, Recapping Some Flicks I’ve Watched, DVD’s, Plus a Whole Lot of Other Junk


It’s been quite some time since my last episode of the podcast so I take some time to catch up on what I’ve been watching and also talk about Furious 7‘s box-office take, my plans to attend the Marvel marathon, review the James Brown biopic, Get on Up, as well as It Follows (which I wrote a review for here), and Inherent Vice (briefly). Then I go over the DVD releases for the past month, and, naturally, play some James Brown music. That’s right, this episode got slightly funky. Enjoy!

Podcast: 2/25/15 Episode #4 – Oscar Round-Up, Two Movie Reviews, Plus DVD Releases and Box-Office Talk


Today I ramble about some of the stupid nonsense on the Oscar telecast and the winners/losers before reviewing two movies, Nightcrawler and The Theory of Everything, both of which I reviewed and can be read here and here. My brain was clearly up my butt so forgive my forgetfulness and general lazy sound at times during this episode. I’ll pick it up next week. Enjoy!

Podcast: 2/17/15 Talking 50 Shades of Grey, Oscars, Spider-Man, Plus Movie Reviews


I was off last week (too busy) so this week I tried to gather up all the nonsense from this week and last and give a few thoughts on each. I talk about 50 Shades of Grey, the Sony/Marvel deal with Spider-Man, Jon Stewart, and get into a couple movie reviews that I wrote about here and here.

Also, I mention a satirical post a feminist writer put up on her site during my discussion of 50 Shades of Grey, which can be found here. I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Podcast: 2/5/15

Today I ramble on about trailers and the basic lack of movie news in the last week. I do have a couple of short reviews of two films I watched in the last week, Rudderless and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Hope you enjoy!