“Fantastic 4”, “Ted 2” Trailers Premier

The trailer world is starting to heat up, people! (There’s a trailer world, right? I don’t know.) With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend we’re going to see a bunch of new trailers. Here’s the two new ones this week:

Exciting stuff.  I do like that they’re not showing too much in the Fantastic 4 trailer, save for one shot of them in uniform.  I really want that one to work since that title was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.  Fox needs that one to work to make their own mark with their Marvel property.

As for Ted 2, what else can be said? It looks like a sequel to a movie about a cursing teddy bear.  There will be more cursing! Considering R rated comedies have been pretty shitty for a while, count me in.  If nothing else, perhaps the success of these movies pushes more studios to make more R rated comedies, which were a major factor in my transition from childhood to adulthood. Explains a lot.

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